Marketing takes many forms. Purchasing advertising is one direct way to get a business’ name out in the market. Word of mouth does the same thing in a cost-free manner. Even better than word of mouth would be good reviews and positive testimonials. Thoughtful, detailed, and honest commentary from customers can greatly assist with drawing in new customers. A simple cause/effect process is occurring here. Potential customers read or hear good words from past customers and end up inspired to patronize a business. Not many people like to take a risk with their consumer dollar. Faith in a good review cuts down on risk.

One little drawback does exist here. Good reviews are hard to get. No, this does not mean customers are hard to please. Customers, as a rule, are more likely to publicly post complaints about a product or service when unhappy then they are to leave positive comments when pleased. That is just how consumers work.

This does not mean consumers cannot be asked or cajoled into crafting a nice review. A proprietor just has to take a few extra steps to acquire thse upbeat and inspiring words of patrons. Once “captured”, the positive commentary can be used in nice little marketing strategies.

Don’t Overlook Those Survey Cards

“How did we serve you?” “What did you like most about your experience?” “Any comments you would like to add?” These are all questions that can be placed on survey cards at a business. Customers who fill them out are delivering reliable and truthful testimonials. The commentary can then be transcribed in part and placed on a website. Consider this a very basic marketing strategy that might reap nice rewards.

This approach helps craft effective testimonials. Businesses employing the dubious tactic of making fake testimonials create words that appear insincere. Insincerity does not contribute to good marketing psychology.

Good Reviews and Special Offers

There is nothing wrong with asking satisfied customers to publish a review online and receive a special discount. Everyone who publishes something on Yelp, for example, could receive 10% off their next order. Nothing really wrong with this. The customers can craft their own honest opinions. Of course, it would be best to ask those regular customers who are consistently pleased with the service. Their honest opinion would provide marketing value.

Positive online reviews do help with search engine marketing. Anyone looking for information about a business who ends up coming across a positive review is likely to be impressed. Hopefully, he or she will take the next step and become a customer.

Video Testimonials Move People

Asking customers to say a few nice words on video is pretty easy to do. So is editing a collection of those comments and putting the material on YouTube. Text alone may not move every potential customer. Video does affect the senses a bit differently. Considering how easily it would to post video testimonials online, there is no reason not to explore this marketing approach.

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