What Hotel Managers Need to Know When Buying Hotel Furniture

Hospitality establishments are expected to serve their clients to the fullest and provide them the comfort they need in any way, and that include pieces in the space that can give the utmost ease and comfort like your hotel furniture.

If you are new in the business of hotel furniture hunting, then these tips might be of help:


  1. Appearance and design

You have to remember that the furniture is an integral part of the overall design, so the style that you should pick needs to go with the entire look of the space. But apart from the style, the appearance quality of the furniture should be superb. Remember that you are running a hospitality establishment and your unique selling point is the space and everything that goes with it. If the furnishings look substandard, it would be hard to convince clients to book the space you are offering. So it is a must that the craftsmanship is excellent.


Talk to several hotel furniture suppliers in Dubai and check if the furniture they have in their collection would fit your design requirement. Better yet, have them made and customized so they would match well with the space’s look and concept.


  1. The quality and sturdiness

Looking sturdy is quite different with the overall sturdiness of the furniture. There are furnishings that look durable, but the materials are not made to last. So when picking a hotel or restaurant furniture in Dubai, check the kind of materials that are used.


Be sure that the materials can withstand the test of time and the structural strength is outstanding. It is pretty hard to tell just by looking at the sample furniture, but you have to do some thorough inspection on the item before buying it in bulk or having it mass reproduced.


  1. Safety and comfort

As a hospitality establishment, it is your job to provide comfort to your guests – from the service you are offering down to the furniture inside the space. With that, your furnishings should feel as comfortable and as secure as they look.


Modern furniture hunters today are including ergonomics as a factor on their selection, and you should follow suit.


  1. The cost

The cost can be a big factor in the selection, especially if you are running on a tight budget in terms of the furniture replacement. It is true that finding a credible supplier offering quality and low cost furnishings can be hard, but there are suppliers who are willing to haggle with the price. This is feasible when you are buying in bulk. Do not compromise quality over cost. Learn to negotiate and compromise.