Teeth are essential for chewing and grinding. It also plays a major role in producing speech sounds. They are on display whenever someone is smiling or talking. The nice set on sparkling teeth attracts everyone while yellow, discolored teeth are an immediate turn-off.

Teeth become weak and yellow as a person ages. It is also due to many foods that stain the teeth. Taking care of them is very important if we want them to last longer and not fall off earlier. There is a number of methods to treat your teeth and make them whiter. Many people prefer home remedies while some opt for whitening products.

It is important to have sufficient knowledge about the teeth whitening Abu Dhabi products you are using and its components. You have to make sure that the chemicals going inside your mouth are safe. Toxic chemicals penetrate the mucous membrane of the mouth and get absorbed in the body causing severe damage to it.

Here are a few whitening products you can use to give your teeth a sparkling shine.

Whitening toothpaste:

Brushing your teeth and using toothpaste should be a daily ritual. It cleans your teeth and makes them stronger. Using whitening toothpaste is a plus. They contain chemical agents that polish the teeth and remove stains improving the appearance and bringing shine to them.

Whitening strips:

Apart from toothpaste, many people go for whitening strips as well. They are designed in a way that they take the shape of your teeth. They are made up of flexible plastic that oxidizes the whitening compounds in them and whitens the teeth. Best results are obtained when they are used for 30 minutes every other week.

Whitening Pen:

These is one of the most convenient and easy to use products. They are commonly used by many people as it helps in instantly whitening your teeth. Whitening pen contain formulated whitening teeth gel in them that speed up the process. This product is very popular among people and can be found almost everywhere.

Whitening trays:

Whitening trays are an effective method that requires professional assistance. It is necessary for the whitening trays to be of the right size according to your teeth. That’s why it is always recommended to consult a dentist before going for this option. If the tray is loose, the gel can leak out of the tray. Also, avoid using an excess of gel as they can burn your gums.

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