Topics: What is the replacement of Tobacco?

No one can understand it as much as tobacco lovers that tobacco helps in fighting against stress, difficulties and challenged by creating a vacuum or providing a clean space to think because you cannot think when you are busy. However, the same tobacco is not also good for health. After a certain time, smokers develop lung infections which is followed lung cancers or any other severe disease of lungs or respiratory system. That’s the reason why doctors and health specialists recommend not to smoke in any case. Yet, it’s the time of digitization. We have many things which can be used replacement of tobacco well. Some of them are

  • E-cigarette: That’s the development which can amaze you. E-cigarette is electronic cigarette which means you have to charge it and then use it. The best part of it that it does not smell of burning tobacco like in normal cigarette. It smells like the flavour you select. If you select to vape strawberry flavour then there would be vapours of nicotine but the room would have smell of strawberry. Yet, it is even more dangerous than cigarettes and sheesha but it is one time buy and you can use it for years.
  • Nic salts: I am sure you have visited and seen the best nic salts mods It is better way to learn to eradicate the habit of smoking. Nic salts are basically nicotine salts. They are present in tobacco. They are made by mixing acid and base. They are basically inserted as cartridge in pod system or vape pods as e-liquid. On vaping the pod, a person or vaper vape salts actually. These salts have pros and cons. The biggest advantage is its high rare if absorption. It is absorbed most in the blood due to which satisfaction will be felt. Moreover, it does not affect throat as freebase nicotine which means it hit your throat smoothly. The disadvantages are that it is expensive. Secondly, you would need to use another device if you want it in higher quantities and lastly, it has too much nicotine. So, if its qualities please you then look for the best refillable pod vapes.

So, these are a few devices which you can use instead of cigars, sheesha and cigarettes. They are less dangerous but do remember, tobacco and nicotine is not good for health; therefore, it is better to reduce its intake as much as you can.