The History of Canada

Canada is one of the topmost destinations that tourists vow to visit whenever they are staying in Dubai. View it here more about Canada. Numerous reasons have made people come and visit the enormous beauty of Canada as the region is profound of culture, peace, valor, and provide the multicultural beliefs a vision and also help in search of such people that can provide the seed of togetherness with water of belief and love.

However, every place has a history and every history has a reason to be obtained and taken care of. Canada also has a history that you can study and wander through while you try to understand the Canadian culture then you must know that it is the work of the First Europeans that came to the lands of Canada after colonizing Greenland a thousand years ago.

However, some of the historical factors regarding the immigration to Canada is what I am going to discuss in the article so you may not have to go all the way through the First Europeans to study some of them (some people are fond of reading so I am doing it for them).

These factors are:

  1. The first factor correlates with the work of the Vikings that people know as the First Europeans. However, they have colonized Greenland 1,000 years ago and as the fortification in Canada, the work of John Cabot has forgotten but the veterans of Canadian culture know that he is the founder of the East Canadian coast as he was the one who drew the map of the East Canadian Coast.
  2. Jacques Cartier, the man who made three voyages in between the lands Canada and other connecting countries across the Atlantic has claimed the land for King Francis I of France. He is the first person who has used the word Kanata, means village, and therefore, the name of Canada began appearing of maps around 1550s B.C…
  3. History of Canada comprises many correlating factors of the Vikings and the people that have connected the regions of Canada with America and other countries. Therefore, the history comprises that people of Canada are also capable of multicultural differences but, their prosperity lies in the fact that they have always paved the way of difference and have met each other with love and peace.