We have all ignored the importance of fire extinguisher and right now as I type this I don’t have any fire extinguisher available around my house let alone around me in case a mishap happens. We need to change this practice as soon as possible and invest in fire equipments such as fire alarm, fire detectors and fire extinguishers such as FM 200 suppression system. Here are a few stories to prove why they are important:

  • Laptop on fire

A woman was home alone when she noticed smoke and soon realized that the flames were rising from their Sony Vaio laptop while it charged. She said she had absolutely no idea where the flames were rising from as they seemed to be coming from all directions. She picked up a fire extinguisher and started putting out the flames, once everything seemed to settle down, she called her husband and informed about the incident. While she was on call with him, she realized the flames had reignited. Her husband was aware of the situation and immediately called emergency helpline and bolted off to their house. Luckily his wife had the situation under control all thanks to the fire extinguisher and no harm was made.

  • Electrical malfunction at a pet centre

The dog house and pet centre was known to be taking care of two dozen dogs, different small animals and birds when an electrical malfunction caused the centre to light up. Owners immediately evacuated the space by taking care of dogs and different animals including birds while the employees hired help containing the fire with help of fire extinguishers. Soon fire fighting team was on its way and reported no injuries related to fire to any human or wildlife. Minor damage to ceiling tiles and installation of the building was caused but nothing was more than saving lives.

  • Fryer in kitchen that burst into flames

It was reported that in a hospital kitchen the fryer was suspected of smoke moments before it burst into high flames. The suppression system in the kitchen luckily kicked into action and the fuel supply to fryer on fire was blocked. The fire fighting team was informed and they reached in time to save the hospital from bursting into flames.

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