Are you one of the many people who always thought you could never produce a piece of art for your wall? Traditional paintings and tapestries might be beyond your talents but mixed media isn’t. The question you may be asking is “what is mixed media art?”

In simple terms, mixed media art is an art form that encompasses several materials to form a work of art. Just about any materials can be used, including yarn, fabric, paper, plants, wood, paint, nuts and bolts. Too many things can be used to list. You would only be limited by your imagination and maybe the weight of the items.

An easy way to start is to choose a print or poster to use as a background and add other materials to it to give it depth and texture. Begin by laying your background piece on a table and position items you think would work on them to make sure they are what you want to use. Try different positions before making a final decision and fastening the items in place.

You might want to do a few pieces like this at first. Once you get the hang of it, you can turn your imagination loose and experiment. The only rule to this kind of art is to combine a variety of colors, textures and materials in whatever way looks good to you. Other than that, just have fun imagining how different things could work together to make a great piece of art. 

One of the great things about mixed media art is that it can be very inexpensive. You can find a lot of materials around your house, in the garage, in the yard, in second hand stores or just about anywhere you go. Just keep your eyes open and let your imagination show you the possibilities.

You never know, you just might find you have a market for the art you produce. Not only will you be able to decorate your home and make gifts for family and friends, you may be able to sell some of your art too. This would be a good thing if you love doing mixed media art and don’t want to have to stop because you have no where else to put any of it.

Mixed media wall art is fairly easy for someone with even a little imagination and provides fun in not only doing the art but also finding the materials to use. This kind of hobby can become a fun, interesting business while keeping your imagination active and healthy.

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