123.hp.com/dj3630 – Everything you need to know about HP DeskJet 3630 printers

HP DeskJet 3630 printers are mostly used as it is available for an affordable price. Moreover, the 123.hp.com/dj3630 printer seems to incorporate several features that are necessary for the users. Here you will get to know about the printer specifications in detail. Additionally, you can also check out the procedure to set up the HP DeskJet 3630 printer. Read below and configure your printer as you can perform each and every step like a professional. If you are in need of expert help, just get in touch with us.

123.hp.com/dj3630 Features and HP DeskJet 3630 Specifications

HP DeskJet 3630 printer produces outcomes at a fast pace without compromising on the quality. It’s not that easy to find a printer which is good in quantity and quality but 123.hp.com/dj3630 printers are the perfect fit for customers who wants to purchase an extra-ordinary printer at an affordable price.

HP DeskJet 3630 printers incorporate features like mobile printing and web services. You can actually make use of mobile solutions such as HP ePrint, HP Smart app, HP ePrint mobile app, HP Print Service Plugin (Android) and Apple AirPrint.

HP DeskJet 3630 wired network setup (Ethernet connection) is not possible as the HP DeskJet printer doesn’t support this connectivity method. You can either use a USB or wireless connection method to your printer.

HP DeskJet 3630 – Unboxing

Unboxing should be done very properly as most of the printer packages will comprise of in-box supplies that would come handy during the printer setup. Just unpack the printer and get rid of the packing materials. Stickers, tapes, cardboards and other unnecessary packing materials should be eliminated completely. The printer package will include the installation CD (for both Mac and Windows), HP Instant Ink card, starter guide, Get started guide. Just check both inside and outside of the 123.hp.com/dj3630 printer to remove the packing materials that might be hidden in any surface of the printer. Don’t forget the cartridge access door as this part might also contain packing materials. Once you complete unboxing, check once so that you don’t leave anything behind which might hinder the printer functions.

123.hp.com/dj3630 primary setup

  • Now it’s time to kick-off HP DeskJet 3630 setup. At first, you need to connect the printer on an electrical outlet. It is very essential to utilize a direct power source as it will provide sufficient power to the printer.
  • Switch on the printer and install the HP DeskJet 3630 ink cartridges as per the control panel’s instructions.
  • The directives would appear in the touchscreen panel and you just have to follow it precisely.
  • Open the ink cartridge access door and stay still until the carriage becomes idle.
  • Don’t try to stop manually which might lead to issues. Just be carefully while inserting the s cartridges in place.
  • Snap the cartridges and then insert a stack of papers into the main tray.
  • When you are done, just adjust the paper width guides in a way that it rests against the edges of the paper. By doing so, you might prevent the paper from causing misalignment when you print files.

This is how you can have to perform the HP DeskJet 3630 printer setup. Follow the steps given below to execute 123.hp.com/dj3630 printer setup (driver download and install) which is eventually the next step.

HP DeskJet 3630 wireless network setup (500)

Wireless Setup Wizard

You need a computer, HP DeskJet 3630 printer, active internet connection and a wireless network password to commence HP DeskJet 3630 wireless setup. When you have gathered the important necessities, just check whether the wireless router is in a ready state and then proceed with the setup instructions available below.

Go to 123.hp.com/dj3630 installand visit the website and install the most recent software version. Now, follow the onscreen prompts that appear on the computer screen. You will see several printers on the list from which you have to pick yours. If HP DeskJet 3630 is not shown, then click “My printer is not shown” and tap Continue. After that, the onscreen instructions will prompt you to choose the network connectivity method. Just select the Wireless connectivity method and click Continue. Then you have to choose the printer model and type of your printer. At this time, you should connect the USB cable to send the wireless settings to your printer. The printer will prompt you about the detachment of USB cable once the setup is successful.

Wireless Protected Setup

A printer which is compatible with the wireless connection, a router with WPS button and wireless network with (WPA or WPA2 password) are the Requirements for WPS connection method. You will not require a computer to connect the printer. Once you are ready with the requirements, just start the setup by following the instructions given below.

You can either make use of the Wireless button or go to control panel settings. Just visit the Network Settings or Wireless Settings menu and click Wi-Fi Protected Setup. Finally, click the Push button before tapping the Start button. After that, you have to click the WPS button on your router as well and wait until the Connection successful message appears on the screen.

Auto-Wireless Connect

You need to have a desktop with latest and compatible Operating system version to utilize Auto Wireless Connect feature. The wireless router should be 802.11 b/g/n network over a 2.5 GHz connection. Just download the important drivers from 123.hp.com

123.hp.com/dj3630 USB Setup

Check whether the HP DeskJet 3630 printer is in a ready state. A USB cable is an important requirement as we are moving forward with the USB setup instructions. You should only use the USB port on your desktop instead of a USB hub or docking station. Using a USB hub will lead to inefficient power. After connecting, download the HP printer driver from 123.hp.com/dj3630 set upand then follow the onscreen prompts.

HP DeskJet 3630 printer driver Download

Drivers are essential as they act as an interpreter between the computer and the HP DeskJet 3630 printer. You can download the driver from 123.hp.com or support.hp.com. Moreover, the installation CD seems to be an additional way of installing the driver to your computer. Now, it’s your turn to choose the method that you feel like choosing for HP DeskJet 3630 driver download. Open any web browser on your desktop and then enter 123.hp.com/dj3630. When you visit the HP printer website, just furnish the model number (HP DeskJet 3630). The HP website will offer you the best HP DeskJet 3630 driver for your computer after detecting your operating system. Just click Download and wait for the download to complete.

Likewise, you can visit support.hp.com and furnish the printer model number. The product homepage will have several features. Just select the Software and Drivers tab where you will find several utilities that are crucial for better printing. From HP Full feature software driver to HP Print and Scan Doctor utility, you will be having various drivers from which you can choose one. After selecting, check with the operating system. This website will also recognize your computer’s OS but you can change the OS if you wish to do so. When the file is downloaded to your computer, check your web browser’s footer for the software file. If it’s not available, just visit the Downloads folder of your computer and then search for .exe file. Using admin rights, run the file on your device and follow the prompts that are displayed on the screen.

Apart from this, installation CD is yet another way to install the HP DeskJet 3630 driver. However, users will not prefer as the software CD might contain outdated drivers.

Printing via HP DeskJet 3630 printers

Open any file in your desktop and then click CTRL+P or File -> Print to print your file using HP DeskJet 3630 printers. Prior to printing, you will be able to see the Preview Screen and just modify the Settings if necessary. Otherwise, click Print and start printing your files.

If you want to print from your mobile device, download the HP Smart app from Google PlayStore or AppStore and then install it on your smartphones. Add your printer to HP Smart app and get ready to print. Just launch the app, go to the library, Gallery or file location to choose the file you want to print.

Scan using HP DeskJet 3630 printers

Open the Scanner lid and keep the document you want to scan in the Scanner Glass. Now check the Control panel and click Start Copy Black button or Start Copy Color button.

When the screen prompts you, save the file in your desktop in any format (mostly jpeg or jpg). Start scanning the documents without any hindrance. Prior to Scan, you will be able to edit the file in the Preview page.